Privacy Policy

We value our own privacy highly and also the privacy of our users.

The Clanflora mobile app does not use any invasive tracking software and does not store or collect personally identifiable information.

What we collect

When you click on a species sponsor website url, we only store that the specific sponsor link was clicked, for their feedback & reporting purposes. There is no way to establish user identity in this.

Your email address - not used or collected

  • An e-mail address is not required to use the app and it is therefore not collected.

Your personal details - not used or collected

  • No personally identifible information is collected or stored.

Data sharing or selling

  • We do not share or sell data.

Tracking software and analytics

The app does not use any tracking or analytics software.

Outside links

When you leave Clanflora's app via a species sponsor url, we cannot vouch for the tracking or cookies used by their sites.


This policy was created on June 18, 2022. If you have any questions feel free to contact us directly on

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